Interesting links

Here are some links to websites which I read relatively regularly. You might like them, too.

Web comics

I was never a big comic fan in real life, so I didn’t see any particular reason why I would enjoy them online. I still don’t, but am managing to enjoy these nonetheless.

Girls with Slingshots – this one has actually finished, but the writer is re-working her back catalogue, posting Monday-Friday with improved colour and new comments. Like ‘Friends’, only not really.

Questionable Content – like ‘Friends’ with robots. Only still not really.

Assigned Male – I’ve only just discovered this one, and it is delightful. About a 12-year-old trans girl who reads a bit too much.

Other blogs

Captain Awkward – not remotely awkward. Online agony aunt with actual wisdom; lots of advice about assertiveness and self protection, boundary setting and dealing with difficult relatives. One of the few places on the internet where it is actually OK to read the comments. Highly recommended.

Pretty Terrible – Natalie Luhrs’ blog. Mostly a weekly round-up of interesting links from around the web, with occasional other posts about whatever takes her fancy. Has a definite feminist bent.

Whatever – I find this variable, in that not all of the posts are of direct interest to me, but there’s enough good to be worth keeping on my radar. Author John Scalzi’s blog, with lots about books (not just his own), US politics (useful for me to be aware of), and miscellaneous other stuff.