‘Friends’, with benefits

Out of the ashes of ‘Friends’ rose a new comedy drama about a group of young adults hanging out in Manhattan.

Actually, from the ashes of ‘Friends’ rose a completely unwatchable travesty (‘Joey’) which even I, the die-hardest of die-hard ‘Friends’ lovers, couldn’t bear to watch. Until I started writing this and went to look up the source, I was fully convinced that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ came from the same writing and production team. I can find absolutely no evidence of this online, not nowhere. Apparently it is a completely separate and original show of its very own.



(I will probably do spoilers, at least in terms of overall structure and feel. I will try to be a bit vague)

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Spirit of Strictly

The glitter has settled, the tears have dried, and I’m ready to make a public statement about my shameless love of reality TV. ore-and-joanne

If this post had been written a few weeks ago, it would probably have centred on the joy that comes with bringing together a group of ordinary people to take their ordinary skills and hobbies to extraordinary new levels. As it is, I am going to focus instead on all the things that make ‘Strictly’ the unique and wonderful thing that it is.

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