Northern Ballet: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Northern Ballet have produced a series of ballets specifically choreographed for children, the latest of which is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My friend and I took two six-year-olds and a nine-year old, and we all loved it.

There is an inherent contradiction for me in the Goldilocks story. The ending always feels anticlimactic, with a degree (depending on the version) of punishment – and yet the story is only enjoyable if we identify with the Goldilocks character. Continue reading “Northern Ballet: Goldilocks and the Three Bears”


Reconciliation and the Naughty Step

As part of Religious Education at my school, we studied the Seven Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. It was actually quite interesting.

Within the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we learned about the criminal justice system and the different purposes which punishments can serve.

I recently came across this article,which raises some concerns about the current popularity of ‘time out’ as a parenting technique. However, the article seems to me a bit equivocal as to whether the strategy actually works, and I wonder whether this is because it fails to establish the victory conditions. It is an important research principle that one cannot evaluate the success of anything without first defining what success would mean.
With that in mind, I propose to apply the categories of punishment from the 1992 GCSE RE syllabus to the ‘Naughty Step’.

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Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

@kraken_syllabub has just posted a Twitter essay about gender and the ways in which the notion of masculinity continues to privilege cis-male existence.

A lot of the writing is about the experience of being transgender, and the fact that cis men are allowed to explore and experiment with masculine identities in ways which other people are not. The tweet which stood out to me as summing this up beautifully was this one:

I found the essay fascinating and thought-provoking, and I’m also acutely aware that the experience of being trans is not mine to discuss. It is very much my area to listen and learn and try to understand, and I would recommend that anyone with similar interests follow the link above. In the meantime, one little tangent in the middle did resonate with me, and set my mind a-pondering, and it was this:

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