Chapter XIV: Galumphing

“The Swallows were back in real life…”

Enough of this escapist charcoal burning. Serious stuff is afoot, and it’s time to get real. Actually, this bit is hyper real: there’s an acknowledgement that this isn’t, in fact, virgin territory if the Amazons got there first. Next, we’ll work on how it wasn’t empty anyway if the natives / savages / tribal charcoal burning witches were there…

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Kate Griffin: Stray Souls

stray-souls‘Stray Souls’ is urban fantasy with a sprinkling of light social satire. I haven’t read anything else by Kate Griffin, but I understand this to be a spin-off from the Matthew Swift books, and he makes a couple of cameo appearances. I have read “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August”, which is written by the same author under a different name (Claire North), and which is excellent and highly recommended. Continue reading “Kate Griffin: Stray Souls”

Spirit of Strictly

The glitter has settled, the tears have dried, and I’m ready to make a public statement about my shameless love of reality TV. ore-and-joanne

If this post had been written a few weeks ago, it would probably have centred on the joy that comes with bringing together a group of ordinary people to take their ordinary skills and hobbies to extraordinary new levels. As it is, I am going to focus instead on all the things that make ‘Strictly’ the unique and wonderful thing that it is.

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