Shira Glassman: The Olive Conspiracy

This is the fourth in a series of books about Queen Shulamit of Perach, which began with The Second Mango. olive

Shulamit is a young queen, an orphan, a bookworm, a problem solver and an activist, who takes her responsibilities extremely seriously.

In ‘The Olive Conspiracy’, she grapples with an agricultural plague which appears to be part of a deliberate sabotage, navigating complex international relations and memories of her own awkward adolescence on the way.

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Neal Stephenson: The Diamond Age

I Just Can’t with politics today. I don’t know how to do this. Let’s think about something else.

diamond-ageSo – The Diamond Age is a very clever book. It works on several levels, and I suspect that other people would review it in a completely different way. I know a couple of people who name it as their favourite; I wouldn’t go that far at the moment, but it’s definitely in that league. (I will do my very best to avoid spoilers in this review, so all but the most spoiler-shy may click the link without fear!)
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