Chapter VIII: Red knitted caps, and no stockings

The plot thickens. Thickens like a sauce that you’ve been stirring patiently for half an hour, and you turn away from it for less than a minute. So far they’ve basically been pottering about, wittily sewing on buttons. Now there’s smoke, shaking of fists, and a mysterious disappearing pirate ship. You can hardly see for the foreshadowing.

“‘There are two boys in her,’ said Titty.
‘Girls,’ said John, who had the telescope.”

And that’s it for gender until, like, the Great Aunt, as far as I can remember. Did I mention the love?

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Salley Vickers: Miss Garnet’s Angel

A new theme! Book reviews will be occasional and random, based on the books I was reading anyway rather than any carefully collated selection. I hope you will enjoy them anyway, and add your own comments if you are so inspired.

I’m not usually a fan of anti-heroes. I enjoy books most when I identify positively with at least one of the protagonists, and it occurred to me while reading ‘Miss Garnet’s Angel’ that none of the characters (with the possible exception of the Monsignore, and maybe Toby) are particularly nice. But somehow it works – maybe because although they’re not nice, or reliable, they are presented warmly and sympathetically. Miss Garnet is deeply flawed, but she is also highly relatable, and her respect for and delight in her new friends carries the reader along.

I read this book a few years ago, and decided to re-read it recently was I was spending a weekend in Venice. I remembered that I had loved it, but forgot quite how challenging I had also found it.

Caution: here be spoilers, and also triggers.

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