Welcome to my blog!

The idea of starting a blog reemerged a couple of weeks ago, leading Imposter Syndrome to cry: “Who do you think you are? You’re not a blogger! Why would you think you could be a blogger?”

Fortunately, my Inner Hermione likes to joust with Imposter Syndrome for sport, so here we are.

My first plan – don’t start a website without any content, my partner keeps telling me – is to re-read one of the most influential books of my childhood and share my thoughts as I go along. I have greatly enjoyed reading some “deconstructions” of various texts, including the Chronicles of NarniaLittle Women, and (not safe for work!) Fifty Shades of Grey. Nowhere have I been able to find an online reading of “Swallows and Amazons”, though, so I look forward to exploring that world again here.

I’m not promising to do the whole series, mind you. It is immense. If this thing carries on, I will at least do “Winter Holiday” next because it’s the best. I used to think it was “Swallowdale”, but nope, definitely “Winter Holiday”.


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